Anouk & Co is a leather bag company started by a father and daughter duo. Designed in San Francisco by daughter Anu, and hand crafted in Mongolia by her father, the family run Anouk & Co. makes bags with the highest quality full grain leather.


Anu’s vision for Anouk & Co. was realised when she became aware of the current market, saturated with fast fashion and brands lacking social responsibility. With ethical consumers in mind, Anu designs investment bags that are not only affordable and durable, but highly versatile, one that you can carry everywhere day and night.


The most durable leather.

Leather has a long and colorful story, with humans using dried animal pelts to keep themselves warm even before recorded history. The leather used for Anouk & Co, is sourced from Mongolia, one of its most ancient providers. Nomadic tribes relied on leather for warmth in subzero climates and horseback warriors, dressed almost entirely in leather armor, carved out one of the largest and most influential empires in the history of the world.

Located in the northeastern highland region of Central Asia, elevated approximately 5000 feet above sea level, Mongolia has an extreme polar and continental climate. Day to night temperatures fluctuate within a large range, with temperature dipping 20C in just a day. Summers in Mongolia can reach +40C (104F) and cold winter nights of -40C (-40F) is common. Thus, the harsh weather makes Mongolian leather unique in its durability and resistance to both hot and cold climate.